Ranking AlRawabi School For Girls Characters From Best To Worst


AlRawabi school for girls characters are cool, but there are also really messed up A-holes among them. But isn’t that the usual thing in most teen shows? 

There’s always a character that makes you go OMG, I like her or him.

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Then, there’s a character you just want to scratch their eyes out. Oh… Oh like Ginny from Ginny and Georgia.

Anyway, I’ve put together these characters from AlRawabi School For Girls and I’ll be ranking them from best to worst.

1. Noaf:


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Seriously, Noaf is just that super, awesome character you can’t hate. So yeah, I think she is the best among the girls at AlRawabi school for girls. She has a good heart, she is a good friend, and although she messed up when she didn’t defend Mariam when Layan falsely accused Mariam of sexual harassment. 

But I totally get her.

She had to be a coward just to stay away from trouble. I mean, Noaf was expelled from her previous school because she liked standing up for people.

2. Mariam:

Mariam-AlRawabi-School-For-Girls Characters

Mariam, Mariam, Mariam…

I feel your pain, but maybe you overdid some things.

Mariam is a really good kid. Yeah, a lot of people would say she took her revenge way too far, but I only agree because a life was lost, and… she gave Layan’s misogynistic A-hole of a brother the chance to kill her. 

Layan, Rania, and Ruqayya broke her like they literally cracked her head.

She is a good character and didn’t deserve to be turned into a villain. They literally flipped the script, made Mariam the villain, and made Layan the victim, which seemed really annoying. 

3. Miss Abeer:


I really don’t like how she blabbed to Layan’s parents about skipping school to see a boy.

Yes, I’m totally against Layan, an underage dating adult, but we all know how common “honor killing” is in some Arab countries, so Miss Abeer should’ve known better. 

She could’ve threatened to report Layan to her father and that would have worked! But no. She just blabbed, which makes me question if she even deserves to be among the best characters. 

You know what? Miss Abeer is an A-hole for blaming Noaf after she was sexually assaulted by an old man. She isn’t a good character, she’s just a little better than the other characters.

4. Dina:


Sincerely, I don’t like you, Dina, and I don’t think anyone should like you.

You aren’t a good friend at all.

Anytime Dina had a fight with Mariam, she clung to Layan and her group. In fact, the only reason Mariam and Dina became friends again was that Mariam was there for Dina when Layan and her group mocked Dina on social media. 

Trust me, if Layan had accepted Dina into her little group, she would’ve joined those girls to bully Maria.

5. Layan:


What was the reason?!!!

Why were you being mean to Mariam? I get that they tried to make you the victim in the end and also tried to make it seem like you were a well-rounded, 3-dimensional character, but it didn’t work. You are evil, scary and I wish someone would put you in your place… well, the normal way. 

6. Rania:


I feel like Rania would have been one of the coolest among the AlRawabi school for girls characters if she had better friends. She’s carefree and it felt wrong that she would waste her time assaulting people just because her friends were doing that.

She did annoy me when she accused Noaf of trying to seduce her boyfriend and the man who sexually assaulted Noafin in the pool. It was disgusting!

7. Ruqayya:


Gosh!!! Ruqayya is evil.

8. Layan’s Whole Family:

That family deserves each other.

Think about it… only Layan’s evil father and annoying mother could have evil kids like Layan and her brothers. Yeah, that family is the worst AlRawabi school for girls’ character.

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