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AlRawabi school for girls captivated me from the moment I watched the trailer. I wanted to know about the villains and the main characters. It was hard to tell the good “guy” from the brief trailer. 

When I watched the first episode of the limited series, I was drawn to Mariam. She was totally relatable. She’s just a girl who wants her bullies to leave her alone. This series started when Mariam’s bullies asked her to get up from her seat on the school bus while she sat next to her best friend. 

Mariam stood up for herself, which is something that is hardly ever seen in stories about victims of bullying. But the three girls, Layan, Rania, and Ruqqaya weren’t having it. They kept doing things to make Mariam’s life miserable. 

When a rumor about Layan sneaking out of school got to the school principal, she assumed it was Mariam and beat her up. Mariam hit her head hard on the ground and she had to spend some days in the hospital. 


On coming back to school, Layan accused Mariam of sexual harassment, which made Mariam lose her mom’s trust and her best friend. 

When she came back after a week’s suspension, she decided to take matters into her own hands with the help of two other people; her best friend Dina and Noaf.

Sincerely, I don’t like Dina. She’s not a true friend, but somehow they portrayed her as being nice. This is the problem with many stories like this. Dina isn’t the only one that the producers rubbed in our faces as a good kid.

By the middle of the series, they made Layan out to be not so bad. Layan helped Noaf when an old man tried to sexually assault her.

Now, here’s where my problem is:

People like Layan aren’t great at all.

Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of people would say there’s no totally good or bad person. There’s no black and white, just a grey area that includes some of our goodness or cruelty. No, I don’t believe it and would never accept it. There are absolutely plain evil people. There’s no good in them. 

C’mon now. Layan, a bully, attempted murderer, and false accuser, would never save a girl from being molested. 

If you could leave someone for dead, lie about someone sexually assaulting you, then I doubt you’d be willing to save a girl who isn’t your friend. Somehow, they made Layan, a brutal and evil jerk, a good person. They made it seem like she was redeemable. 

That is so unrealistic! Like bro, this isn’t a common occurrence in real life.

You know what else they did?

Mariam suddenly became the villain for standing up for herself.

No! I’m not saying getting someone killed is the right way to deal with bullies, but yes, I wouldn’t call you evil for dealing with a rotten individual through other means. Mariam went far and that alone made her the villain. 

AlRawabi school for girls also shed light on honor killing, but not enough light. We never got to see her brother punished or maybe that’s what happens in Arab nations?  

Apart from the tidbits of flaws, though, AlRawabi school for girls is drenched in color. The pink uniforms the girls wore caught my attention too. Every scene in this limited series feels like a painting worth sitting in. The music didn’t captivate me. I have this habit of searching for titles of movie soundtracks, but it was different with AlRawabi school for girls.


I’ll give it to Andria Tayeh and Noor Al Taher for pulling off an incredible performance in this limited series.

In the end, the producers know how important it is to handle bullying even though most of the characters hardly care about it. 

If you’re looking for a series to make your heart thump faster, then this teen show is for you. 


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