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The Clickbait miniseries started out as a family drama and lived up to its promise. 

The miniseries started with a bit of a family drama that escalated pretty quickly. The main actor, Nick Brewer, played by Adrian Greiner, kicked his sister out of his home and life after an argument ensued during family dinner. 

Unfortunately, it would be the last time his sister, wife, mother, and sons would see him. The following day, after the big fight, a video of Nick carrying a cardboard sign that said: “I killed a woman” popped up on the internet. His kidnapper promised the viewers that they would kill Nick if the views reached 5 million views.

Nick’s sister, Pia, immediately contacts his wife and the rest of the family to tell them what was happening.


They only had a few hours to find Nick or else the kidnapper would take his life. Pretty much agitated, his sister and wife reported to the police and did everything possible to make sure Nick came back home safely.

But it wouldn’t be so easy to get him back, right?

As the series went on, it was revealed that Nicki “had” a few skeletons in his cupboard and so did his wife. 

Everyone is torn between believing he is innocent or guilty. Even his family had their doubts.

The more the police dug deeper, the more they realized maybe… just maybe, his wife knew more than she let on? 

Clickbait Miniseries Plot Summary|Review


Clickbait Miniseries isn’t a straightforward film. There were so many twists and turns. In all honesty, I was a little bit confused at one point, but Clickbait did something right. It would grab your attention and get your heart beating really fast. Everyone will become a suspect; his wife, his sister, his neighbor, and even his mother. 

Clickbait miniseries are not your typical mystery/slash thriller films. This is different. It takes you in and before you know it, you’re stuck and wondering who kidnapped Nick Brewer.

Absolutely Binge-able! 

Clickbait: The Cast

  1. Nick Brewer: At first, I didn’t like Nick at all. I thought he was a lying hypocrite, but I judged him quickly. He did look like an asshole though, but seriously, don’t judge people by their looks!
  2. Pia Brewer: she’s definitely my favorite character on the show. She stuck up for her brother from the beginning till the end, and that’s something. She’s also a well-rounded character with a good and bad side. Pia is one hell of a hot-tempered character, but she is also very pleasant. 
  3. Sophie Brewer: she’s a nice woman, although it was disappointing that she cheated on Nick. She’s a gentle one and a good mother. She’s also quite lucky to have loving sons and good in-laws.
  4. Ethan Brewer: He’s a nice and brilliant kid and if it weren’t for him and his aunt. Pia, the truth wouldn’t have been revealed.
  5. Kai Brewer: he’s a likable character. That was until he made a very stupid move that could have ended his life. I’m glad he stepped up to a bully when he said some crap about his mom. 
  6. Grandma Brewer: She’s okay. Nothing special about her.

Clickbait miniseries ending explained

In the end, Kai followed the map he saw in Ethan’s inbox to track his father’s killer and get revenge. But when he reached the house on the map, he was shocked to see Dawn answer the door. Dawn and her husband shared a look before inviting Kai into their home. 

Afterward, there was a flashback that explained how Dawn got into this whole mess. 

According to the creator, Tony Ayreshe, the series’ ending was inspired by stories about women hijacking men’s identities. He added that these women were looking for connection, not necessarily sexual attraction. They genuinely wanted to be wanted.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he stated,

“I was drawn to the idea of a woman who feels completely invisible. Who Dawn is makes her invisible: she’s an older woman, lower middle class, working class. She is not someone that anyone would look at twice, and yet she craved to be seen. “

He added,

“She wanted to just feel visible, and she wanted to be seen by women, interestingly, because women were probably more engaged in the romantic fantasy that she wanted to engage in.”


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