5 Deadly Class Tv Series Characters Ranked

I stumbled on Deadly Class Tv Series just some days ago…
And I didn’t regret watching it!
Have you ever watched something so… What’s the word? Bloody, fabulous, and different? If you haven’t then you need to watch these Deadly Class Tv Series and meet these Deadly class characters first.
Deadly Class is a super amazing TV show. This show is based on the graphic novel of the same name that comes to an unlikely coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of unsanitized 1980s counterculture. It features amazing “deadly class characters.”
So where should I start?
Let me begin with the deadly class characters names and brief bio:


Deadly-Class -tv-series

Normally, I should start with the main character but let’s meet Saya first because she’s my favorite character among the deadly class characters.
Why I like her: I think she’s loyal. Yes, for people who have watched the TV show I know you’re wondering “didn’t she sleep with her best friend’s boyfriend?”
But I still think she’s a very loyal person. She always stood up for her best friend Maria when faced with danger, but that’s something Maria hardly ever does. Friendship means a lot to her and she’s very strong, ambitious, and dedicated.
Sometimes I wonder how Lana went from this goody two shoes 🤣
Deadly class characters
To this bad-ass assassin 😳
I love Lana… I really do.





One thing I like about Marcus is his hate for bullies. You see, Marcus is a homeless, disillusioned teen recruited into Kings Dominion, a secret academy for the Deadly Arts, where he struggles to find his place among a community of the deadliest characters in the world. He fought from his first day to the last his last day in school.
Why I like him: Marcus is never really afraid of anything even though the normal instinct of any human is to freak out. He faces his problems head-on and things pretty much works out for him… err most times. Plus two of the hottest girls in his school are crazy about him. 😀


A problematic, drama queen who actually wants out of a relationship with a guy named Chico. I totally support her decision to run away from him. Chico is like cancer, he spreads around the body and kills. No, I don’t think she’s a drama queen for wanting to end a relationship with Chico… I think she pulled Marcus into her mess because she needed him to fight Chico and maybe kill him.
Why I like her: I love her costume. The face painting, her deadly fan, and that red gown. She’s so hot.


Gosh!!! I hate Chico. He’s a bully who rarely picks on someone his size. I think he’s mostly an asshole because his father is a powerful assassin lord who could wipe out a country if something ever happens to Chico.


This is a weird character. I like him because he’s nice.
I think these are the five characters that stand out the most. Now that you’ve met some of the deadly class characters, let’s get down to business.
So, this movie features Marcus, a homeless teenager who fights for survival, and luckily for him people who believe in him finds him before the police do.
He is wanted for killing a bunch of boys in a boy’s home. At the beginning of the story, I didn’t really understand what was going on because they went from showing Marcus in a classroom to the streets where he was running from the police.
What kept me from not watching the film was because Deadly Class reminded me of Kill Bill and Sin city. I loveee Kill Bill too.
Films similar to deadly class characters
I didn’t even know Deadly Class was adapted from a comic book but the colorful vibe told me this tv show is one of a kind.
Luckily, Master Lin, the headmaster at an elite academy of assassins called King’s Dominion recruits Marcus to save him from going to prison or from possibly getting killed.
He sent Saya, Willy, Maria, and Billy to bring him to the school. On his first day in school though, he thinks a school of assassins is different from your usual High school but he soon finds out kids can be assholes in any kind of school.
He tried to mingle with Saya and Willy but they gave him a cold shoulder. Turns out life outside school is different from school life. In school, everyone has their cliques but like any other clique you’ve ever seen; these are deadly assassin gangs. He’s happy Maria would even notice him but that caused the biggest problem he would ever have to face in that school. Chico! His second problem started when Master Lin gave them their first assignment: to kill someone who really deserves it.
The first person that came to his mind is his homeless neighbor Rory. Marcus killed Rory but starts feeling remorse for killing Rory. While seeing flashes of Rory, he begins to socially integrate himself into the school.
I’m not going to spoil this TV show for you but let me list the reasons why I like it:
1. It reminds me of Kill Bill! If you haven’t watched Kill Bill then you should watch that too.
2. It was adapted from a comic book and trust me, anything from comic books is always super and colorful. Look at Marvel movies, the birds of prey, or the Joker… these are wonderful adaptions with good storylines that are colorful too?
3. I like the way they threw in the comic aspect into the series. From time to time, the characters’ backstories are shown as an animation instead of the actors playing that part. It’s a different and refreshing approach.
4. The main characters went from ignoring each other in the hallways to becoming really great friends.
Sadly, there is no season 2 but I still think you guys should watch it. It’s worth it!

What countries have deadly class on Netflix?

Deadly Class is available in Nigeria, SouthAfrica, Germany, and season 1 is not available, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!

Let me know what you think about Deadly Class if you’ve watched it. If you haven’t, do you think it’s something you would want to watch?


By Esosa Kolawole

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