Movies and Shows Like Clickbait That Are Really Great


Don’t you just want to watch movies and shows like clickbait?

You see, Netflix did a good job with the Clickbait Netflix series and it’s left me thinking about different scenarios. What would have happened if Nick Brewer had never given out his personal information?

Well, if he hadn’t, no one would have kidnapped him and there wouldn’t be any story. More and more questions pop up, which brings the question: are there movies and shows like the Clickbait miniseries? 

Yup! There are lots of movies about internet trolls, stalkers, and identity theft. And… I’ve got tons of recommendations for you. 


Here are movies and shows like Clickbait that are worth watching!

1. Catfish: 


This is pretty similar to Clickbait. It blends the familiar idea of dating a stranger on the internet without being sure if they are who they said they are.

It’s about a guy called Nev, a New York photographer who meets Abby, an eight-year-old Michigan kid, through Facebook. She asked if she could paint one of his photographs, and from there, Nev bonded with Abby’s family, especially her older sister, Megan. He soon discovers a shocking revelation about Megan and decides to find the truth with the help of his friends. 

2. Unfriended: 


This one is more of a supernatural movie, but it still has that stalker-ish element. The story follows a group of school friends who received a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself a year ago. Initially, they thought it was some annoying joke, but… when their dead friend started spilling their secrets, things got really out of hand. 

Unfriended is exactly a good match for movies and shows similar to Clickbait. This is because of the “identity theft” element. 

3. Unfriended: Darkweb: 

Okay, this one gives me the chills! Imagine finding out someone knows all your moves through your laptop. This is the case of a guy who discovered there were hidden files on his laptop which contained a lot about the dark web.

They are being watched and, whoever they are, they’ll do everything in their power to protect the secrets on the dark web.

4. Nerve: 


Vee bows to peer pressure and joins an online game just for fun. It seemed harmless at first, but soon she realized these games were dangerous with higher stakes at each level. She would do anything to get out of this game, but the powerful people behind this social media game are not having it!

5. The Circle:


A young tech worker accepts a position at a powerful Internet corporation, quickly rises through the ranks, and soon finds herself in a perilous situation involving privacy, surveillance, and freedom. She eventually realizes that her decisions and actions will determine the fate of humanity.

6. Hater:

Just like Clickbait, this story is about a shady young man who finds success in the mysterious world of social media smear campaigns — but his virtual negativity soon has destructive real implications for those around him.

7. Guns Akimbo:

This is one hell of a crazy movie! It’s about an average guy who finds himself locked in an online battle with some people on the dark web. This got him into so much trouble. The person behind this dark website where people kill each other tracks the guy and put him in the game–the deadly game.

Of all the movies listed here, though, my favorites are Nerve and Guns Akimbo.

Tell me, which of these movies like Clickbait would you like to watch?


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