4 Serial Killers From RL Stine’s “Fear Street Trilogy” That Scared Me and 4 That Didn’t


RL Stine’s Fear street trilogy got me quaking in my boots.

And if you keep reading, you’ll see why.

From the first scene at the mall to parts where the kids ran for their lives—everything about that movie is scary. 

Being scared of the Fear street trilogy on Netflix was bigger than just the fact that I wanted the characters I like to survive.

It was more of the villains… the soulless villains. I couldn’t even get Billy Parker off my mind for two weeks straight after watching three movies in one month. Anytime I think about the Fear Street trilogy, the little boy with a bat comes to mind, and well… the guy with the Ax.

This is why I decided to rank the serial killers! 

These are 4 Serial Killers from RL Stine’s “Fear Street Trilogy” That Scared Me and 4 That Didn’t 

1. Camp Nightwing Killer:


You see, his story was the saddest of the serial killers, considering he was a good boyfriend, friend, and senior in camp before he went on a killing spree.

That’s the thing with most Shady night residents; they are mostly good people who are suddenly possessed by the devil.

The way the Camp Nightwing killer chopped down kids with his ax added to my traumatic experience watching the movie.

So yeah, the camp night-wing killer takes the number one position for me. 

2. Billy Parker:


We never got to see what Billy looked like behind that mask. 

That mask gave that kid some scary vibes. 

Even when he wasn’t bashing someone’s head in, swinging the bat made my skin crawl. 

The scene where he and his killer squad wanted to kill Berman kids was painful to watch. 

And yeah, seeing a little boy swing a bat in an attempt to kill isn’t just crazy, it’s terrifying. 

3. The milkman killer:

This one killed women and it’s because he delivered things to their doorsteps. 

I mean killers scare me but the ones who solely kill women give me serious creeps. 

He stabbed his victims multiple times with a switchblade. 

Even while they were dead, he never stopped stabbing them.  

The milkman is one of the 4 serial killers from RL Stine’s fear street trilogy that scared me! 

4. Pastor Cyrus Miller:

Oh, the eyeless killer? Yes, he’s scary. He killed 12 kids on the shady side by plucking out their eyes. 

I don’t want to imagine the pain one feels to lose sight. So let’s leave it at that. 

Now for the ones that didn’t have much effect on me…

Here are 4 serial killers from RL Stine’s fear street trilogy that do not scare me

5. Ryan Torres (skull mask killer):

Tbh, I wish Ryan would’ve stayed dead. There was nothing scary about him, not even his soulless eyes! 

Yes, he used a knife just like basically any serial killer ever. Even his costume is just like Ghostface’s. 

Yes, I get they were trying to pay homage to Ghostface but it still came off boring and not scary. 

6. Ruby Lane:

Yeah, Ruby Lane seemed creepy and that’s because of the old-time song she hummed while trying to kill. 

She’s not necessarily scary because of her weapon. There’s a way the Camp Nightwing killer ran while trying to attack his victims… 

it’s just incomparable. I could outrun Ruby plus she would probably bore me to death with her songs. 

7. Humpty Dumpty killer:

Meh… the Humpty dumpty killer wasn’t special. 

I only got some information about the killer when Josh explained it to his sister and her friends. 

He showed them the clippings that suggested the Humpty Dumpty killer striking again, which is the only major information we got.

We don’t know the explicit details of his murders and it’s safe to say this killer isn’t scary. 

8. The grifter:

He’s got an iron mask that makes me roll my eyes each time I think of him. 

The details around the grifter’s mass killing are not talked much about. This makes him not as scary. 

Maybe they could make these last four serial killers scarier if they made sequels to the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. 

We only got the opportunity to know how the Camp right-wing killer and the pastor became killers. 

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we watched the stories of others too.

Some of the killers in RL Stine’s fear street trilogy are quite scary but I hope these ones realllllyyy make your blood cold!

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