Sweet Girl Movie Netflix Sucker Punched Me


I watched Sweet Girl Movie on Netflix! Was it worth it? Yes, it’s definitely worth watching. This is coming from me because I watched it three times.

Cooper and Rachael are the main characters of Sweet girl movie, and they are both fighting for the lives of their wife and mother, who is dying of cancer. They put her name on a list of people who were going to be treated with a special drug that might cure her. The sad part is that she died because the big pharmaceutical company that had promised her a miracle drug suddenly halted manufacturing, and there is evidence to suggest that the pharmaceutical company was paid not to disclose the drug.

Cooper is hell-bent on revenge.


But it wouldn’t be so easy to take down a powerful organization, right?

Most of my favorite parts of this movie were the little clues that were thrown in here and there which most people would miss until the big surprise at the end. Yes, following the reveal, the conclusion appeared to be a little implausible. A lot of the reviews on rotten tomatoes said Sweet Girl movie was just another action film with a big revenge plot… but this was something else completely.

The twist was different.

This twist left many confused about Sweet Girl’s end. Despite the fact that Rachel is, in reality, responsible for the number of people that died in the film, the revelation isn’t quite as unusual as it appears. With what Racheal has been through, it’s natural to assume she’s already suffering from mental health problems. Aside from that, every time they showed Cooper (Jason Momoa) fighting his enemies, it appeared to be a little too difficult for him to take down even the smallest of opponents. This makes sense given the fact that Racheal is a young girl who was involved in a fight with some extremely tough men.

Sweet girl movie ending

So the question is, what does the Sweet Girl movie ending mean? Well, Racheal was the killer all along, and at first, it was so surprising, but come to think of it, why did the FBI agent talk to Jason like he was some teenager? That’s clue one.

I would say the Sweet Girl movie on Netflix is worth watching and I’m glad I didn’t waste one hour plus of my time.

The sweet girl movie on Netflix is shocking, thrilling, and exciting. I give it four stars.


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