Top 5 Teen Movies About Illnesses That Are Sad

Teen movies about illnesses? Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen this before: one character with a terminal disease or mental illness falls in love with another character with similar issues or issues at all. Sometimes, both characters get their happily ever after, and other times one person does.

From the fault in our stars to Everything Everything, Hollywood seems to like themes like these especially since they are quite relatable to so many teenagers. In the memory of the romance characters that died and well, some that survived, here are:

Top 5 Teen Movies About Illnesses That Are Interesting, Sad, and Eye-Opening

1. Words on the Bathroom Wall

This is definitely top on my Teen Movies About Illnesses list. Words on the bathroom wall is about a teenage boy diagnosed with schizophrenia during his senior year in high school. He lost his friend and got expelled from his former school because they couldn’t cope with his illness. Lucky for him, a catholic school admits him in the middle of the school year where he meets a witty and intelligent girl. Now, he’s caught between letting her get to know his truth or risk losing her. Want a great teen movie about illnesses? Then you would watch this first.

2. Everything Everything

Everything about this movie is swoon-worthy. From the lead who is allergic to everything to her neighbor who fell in love with her when he saw her. This is a story of a girl whose mother protected her all her life because everything outside her home might kill her. That is until another teenager moved next door with his parents and sister. Their worlds came clashing when the two saw each other.

3. Five Feet Apart

Stella, a seventeen-year-old cystic fibrosis patient, spends much of her time in the hospital. Everything about her life follows a routine and self-control. Meeting health Will, an incredibly charming kid who suffers from the same condition threatened her health. The moment they saw each other, they liked each other. The rules state they must keep a safe distance between them, but things happen when two people are in love. They break all rules!

4. Midnight Sun

The main character’s parents sheltered her all her life. Like the main character in Everything Everything, she breaks the rules to be with the guy she’s always had a crush on. It’s a fifty-fifty chance if she would survive this or die from the rules she has broken. Unlike, Everything Everything this movie is actually sad.

5. The Fault in Our Stars

Similar to Five feet apart, the fault in our stars is about two teenagers with cancer, fighting to get better. The two meet in a cancer support group where there is an instant attraction between each other with each encounter they have they grow even closer. But will their love last? I hope so!

There are many more teen movies about illnesses but these five books stand out the most even though there have been a lot of complaints about this trope. One is that some people movie producers and directors are romanticizing illnesses. I think they are wrong and it seems off for people to think anyone with illnesses shouldn’t fall in love. Anyway, let me know in the comments if you’ve watched any of them. If you want to watch a longer version of movies like these, then I’ll recommend teen tv series that are interesting but sad.

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