The A-List Review: Is It Worth Watching Or Not?

It’s not every time we get to see the mean girl in teen films that becomes a favorite. Most times, it’s the bullied kid everyone loves but with The A-list series, by BBC we see not only the mean girl archetype but this particular mean girl may turn out to be your fav–at least, I like her.

The A-List takes place on what looks to be an idyllic island summer camp, but terrible secrets transform the “vacation of a lifetime” into a twisted nightmare. Mia is looking forward to a summer of sun, romance, and social supremacy, but the unexpected entrance of strange new girl Amber throws everything off. Amber enters the camp as if she owns it; she’s hilarious, confident, gorgeous, and effortlessly charming. Mia despises her right away. Mia’s former friends or should I say “supporters” gradually desert to Amber’s side, and Mia begins to believe that there’s more at stake than a popularity contest…something there’s in Amber’s eyes.

That’s where the problem lies. When Amber stares at you things changes inside your mind and you being to do her bidding.

A-List Series Characters


Sincerely, Mia doesn’t deserve pity at first. In fact, during the first episode, I was happy someone like Amber would finally put her in her place but the character development she went through was so fantastic, I fell in love with Mia! She’s the mean girl you will grow to love.


Yeah, she’s the opposite… not in terms of personality though. I mean I liked her the moment she appeared on the screen but it didn’t take long for me to hate her. She’s not just mean like Mia, she’s cold, calculative, and brutal, and trust me, just her stares are scary.


I wouldn’t really classify Dev as the bad boy or the woman’s man archetype but he is cute. He mostly annoyed me the way he was easily manipulated by Amber. Yes, the manipulative thing Amber did was paranormal and creepy, but it wouldn’t work on him if he was strong-willed. I mean before Amber’s games, he was already keeping his distance away from Mia even though he like Mia. Somehow, I wish Mia would never go back to him.


Typical cute bad boy trope. He hardly cares about anyone but himself and as much as his role in the series isn’t clear yet, I would love to see more of him in the next season. He did develop into a caring person when he came back to save Mia though and I think he would make a good replacement for Dev in Mia’s life.


This is another character I love. I liked her from the moment she showed up on my screen. She’s the confident girl who doesn’t care what people think of her and apart from Mia, she’s another person Amber couldn’t hypnotize. Also, as much Mia annoyed her, Alex stood by her all through.


She’s a minion and a second fiddle. Kay will likely annoy you most of the time because of her inability to stand up for herself. Okay, I get it, she was hypnotized by Amber but she has formed a habit of not being able to speak up when people are putting are down. Kay is weak and has the habit of choosing the wrong friends; firstly Mia and now Amber? Why the hell does she have a habit of going for the mean girls?


Midge, Midge, Midge… hmmm. She is the kind of girl who is never noticed, always in the shadows but she hungers for people to notice her. Unlike Alex who is confident, this girl is sick and twisted and you’ll get to know how she and Amber are intertwined.

So what’s the detailed summary of each episode?

The beginning of the series starts with kids arriving at the summer camp and getting to know one another. There and then, we meet Mia, the mean girl who is only bothered about the fact that she couldn’t get any mobile signal. She doesn’t stop there though… she’s already spotted Dev and is thinking o who she’s going to make her summer camp best friend or should I say, minion. Soon after she chooses who she wants to be around, Amber arrives at the camp, which of course annoys Mia who believes Amber came late on purpose just to leave a lasting impression.

Once Amber moves in to settle, Mia discovers she had taken her bed and they almost fight because of that. Well, it was mostly Mia throwing tantrums but what Amber did seemed harmless, right?

Immediately they settle down, the camp counselor begins a get to know you game and it’s from that moment things start to go south for Mia. As Mia tries to win the game, Amber pretends to almost fall, hanging on the rope, she calls Mia for help, and as soon as Mia lends a hand Amber purposely slips off.

Everyone thinks Mia caused Amber’s fall even after Mia examined it wasn’t true. Dev quickly got friendly and even Mia’s friend, Kay told Mia she couldn’t keep hanging out with her.

It seemed like Amber was gunning for Dev but it was deeper than that for Amber. Should do anything to destroy Mia. With each episode, Mia tried to tell people Amber is dangerous but everyone just thought Mia was being envious.

Who could blame them though?

Amber doesn’t stop at just manipulating people, she had special powers that could get into people’s heads to mess them up.

The A List ending explained

As the series progressed, we get to see Midge and learn a thing or two about her. Later on, Mia discovered they were once in that camp the previous year, but their memories have been wiped. This is because Midge lost her life… Or did she?

You see, Amber was born as a result of Midge’s fall down a cliff on Peregrine Island. Animosine, a chemical discovered on the island, got into her bloodstream. Midge’s brain injury was treated by doctors, and the Animosine reacted to the procedure, allowing the Amber personality to emerge physically and mentally. Amber’s ascension trapped Midge in her new, blonder body.

Mags, the second camp counselor who came out clean to Mia as one of the scientists who treated Amber (Midge) developed another cure that would neutralize the Animosine in Amber’s body but sadly as Mia injects Amber with the cure, she falls and then stands again. Claiming “Midge” is gone, the camp members are happy but I was short-lived as the real Midge climbs the cliff and with a wicked smirk, she says “You have no idea what you’ve done.”

The last scene tells me on thing: Midge is coming for blood in the next season.

Is There A Season 2 Of The A-List On Netflix?

If you are excited to watch this series then you are in luck because season two of The A-List will be available on Netflix soon. The streaming service has published a trailer for the upcoming second season, which will premiere on June 25th.

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