The Worst Witch Review

If you are looking for an interesting, unique, and quirky tv series on Netflix then the worst witch should be on your to-watch list. I’ve been eager to do the worst witch review for weeks now and I’m happy it’s out now!

The worst witch centers around the life of a young “non-witching girl” who luckily gains admission into a school of witchcraft. 

Although it has a lot of similarities with Harry Potter; Miss. Hardbroom reminds me so much about Professor Snape but it wasn’t a rip-off of Harry Potter. In fact, the worst witch was adapted (in 2007 into a movie and in 2016 into a tv series) from a novel by Jill Murphy. The first book in the series was first published in 1974. 

The worst witch review

Unlike Harry Potter which takes a dark path in the witching world, the worst witch is funny, quirky, and cute. 

The Worst Witch Review

Season 1 

In the first season 1, Midred Hubble learns about magic and witching, finding out she is a witch even though she’s from a non-witching family. 

Her new friend, Maud Spellbody guides her in the school of witches after Mildred was admitted into the school for saving the headmistress, Miss Cackle from her evil sister Agatha whose magic is later taken away. 

From the first day in the school, Ethel Hallow, another student targets Mildred as she tries every avenue to get Mildred out of the school. At first, it was because Mildred wasn’t from a witching family but afterward, she saw Mildred as a threat. 

Mildred struggles with tasks and work, not knowing about witching her whole life, unlike her classmates. She forms friendships with new girl Enid Nightshade. 

Later, Mildred gets expelled for leaving the grounds without authorization. Agatha, Miss Cackle’s twin, comes to Cackle’s academy, tricks Esmeralda, Ethel’s older sister, into giving Agatha her magic, and takes over as headmistress. 

Discovering Agatha has become headmistress from her rival, Mildred returns to Cackle’s, hoping to save it. 

After Agatha annihilates the school due to no one liking her, Mildred and her classmates perform a spell that reverses all of Agatha’s spell. Mildred is brought back to Cackle’s where she finishes her first year. 

Season 2 

In the second season, Mildred has acquired more knowledge about the witching world. She discovers the founding stone, a stone given to witching academies to fuel magic. 

Ethel receives a visit from Esmeralda, trying to persuade Esmeralda to take the founding stone’s magic which she rejects. 

However, to save Sybil, Ethel, and Esmeralda’s younger sister, Esmeralda is urged to take the founding stone’s magic, causing magic to go wrong and the castle to start freezing. 

While Mildred, Maud, Enid, and the Hallow sisters search for a way to re-ignite the founding stone, Mildred stumbles upon her ancestor on her family tree and learns the Hubbles are a witching family but Mirabelle, her ancestor, sacrificed her and twelve generations of magic to re-ignite the founding stone. 

After everybody starts freezing and the academy is evacuated, Mildred realizes if she wants to protect the academy, she must do what Mirabelle did. Mildred starts the spell but halfway through, Miss Mould, the art teacher, takes her place and sacrifices her magic. 

Season 3 

Miss Cackle invites Mildred’s mum Julie to teach art at Cackle’s; however, Julie is treated horribly by Miss Hardbroom, the potions teacher, causing Mildred to steal a wishing star and make her mum magical. 

At first, Julie is horrified but she eventually starts to like it. However, things get suspicious and Julie gives up her magic. Later, Mildred learns Julie still has her magic and has become malevolent, turning people into clay figures. 

Miss Hardbroom tells Mildred she made her friend Indigo Moon magical but Indigo also became malevolent and turned to stone for thirty years. Mildred makes a potion to prevent her mum from turning to stone and, in the process, turns those who turned into clay figures and Indigo Moon back to people. Julie leaves Cackle’s but Indigo crashes into Mildred’s room. 

To stay at Cackle’s, Indigo needs to pass her Witch Proficiency Exam which she does but then learns Miss Hardbroom is her old friend and leaves Cackle’s. 

Ethel, however, steals a wishing star and wishes to save the school but results in the school being damaged by a fake Indigo Moon. To stop the fake Indigo, Miss Hardbroom apologizes to the real Indigo and they return to Cackle’s, proving the fake Indigo is not real. 

Season 4

Ethel casts an appearance spell on Mildred to prevent her from running for the head girl but Mildred runs and is given a series of tasks to beat Ethel. Mildred withdraws from the competition but finds water that can tell the future and sees Ethel as head girl in front of empty chairs. Horrified, Mildred re-enters the head girl contest in an attempt to save the school. 

During the spell challenge, Ethel’s deputy Felicity Foxglove makes Mildred’s potion backfire, causing Miss Cackle to turn to glass and Mildred to be sent to Wormwood Academy for Undesirable Witches. Ethel frees Agatha from a photograph Miss Cackle trapped her in and Maud learns Mildred was framed. To save Mildred, Maud gets herself sent to Wormwood and helps her escape. 

However, Mildred’s vision comes true and all the students are sent into vanishment after Agatha changes the Witches’ Promise. To take the students out of vanishment, the name of Agatha’s first familiar must be said. Spell science teacher Mr. Daisy makes a potion which turns Miss Cackle back to herself who says the name, taking everyone out of vanishment. After learning she must return to the photograph, Agatha sends herself into vanishment. Mildred becomes head d girl and makes peace with Ethel.

The Worst Witch Review: My Verdict

Sincerely, I love the worst witch because of the main character, Mildred Hubble. She knows the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and honesty. 

Although, she made a series of mistakes after she discovered she’s from a witching family. She made Miss Cackle give her mom a job at cackle’s just because she helped save the school.

That is a terrible thing to do! 

Although, I wished she matched Ethel’s cruelty but maybe that would seem off because of her character trait.

Ethel Hallow did so many things to Mildred; she hurt Mildred several times and even put the school in trouble more than once.

It got to a stage where I had to wonder if that was even realistic or possible? I mean, in the last season, Mildred was sent to Wormwood Academy for Undesirable Witches because she made a mistake with a spell that turned Miss Cackle into crystals but somehow, Ethel keeps escaping severe punishment even after she helped Agatha more than once. 

I wish they’d punish Ethel for not only bullying so many kids in Cackle’s academy but for putting so many lives in danger all through the series. 

Apart from that, I think the Worst Witch is an excellent family-friendly series you should watch right now. If you have watched it let me know what you think in the comments below!

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By Esosa Kolawole

Esosa is the Chief Editor and Movie Reviewer for Film-ish. She's a living library of literary and cinematic knowledge! She spends her free time googling the funniest stuff on the internet when she isn't penning paranormal stories or watching movies. She dabbles in everything quirky, enjoys reading and video games, and is frequently found commenting on Marvel Universe Facebook groups!

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