You-Tv Series Recap: Everything You Need to Remember

It’s not a surprise everyone is buzzing with the newly released You-tv series episodes! I’m as excited as you are too. Before we dig deep into season 3, let’s do a quick You-tv series recap.

You-Tv Series Recap

If you are not familiar with the You series, now is the time to sit back, read and deliberate if it’s worth your time.

Actually, it is. I know, I know. I’m biased.

What’s not to like about You series? It’s like a mixture of Emily in Paris’ fluffiness and mystery of Pretty little liars.

Like I said, before we move onto You season 3, I want to take you down memory lane.

You-series recap
You Season 3

Joe is back in season three, and if you’ve forgotten everything that happened in seasons 1 and 2, then you’re in luck! Joe Goldberg returns in season 3 with even more drama and, of course, MURDER.

Here’s the You-Tv Series Recap Season 1

You Season 1

You follow the life of an intelligent but psychotic bookstore manager who stalks, falls in love, and kills his victim when they find out who he really is. In the first season, Joe meets an aspiring writer and he becomes obsessed with her. Through her social media account, he gets every necessary detail about her. He gets intimate with her and they fall in love.



Honestly, I would be lying if I said Joe’s childhood was easy. The guy was born into a dysfunctional family; an abusive father and an irresponsible mother, but he’s so in love with his mother he doesn’t see it.

Joe’s mum

To him, Sandy was the epitome of what it meant to be a good mother. His father abused him and his mother so much that I didn’t feel bad for the morrafucker when Joe killed him.

As a result of his mother’s affairs with other men, his father regularly found Joe alone when she did so. As an example, his father would put cigarettes out beneath his arms to force him to reveal his mother’s adultery, which resulted in physical violence. Joe’s mother would occasionally take him away from his father, typically with another guy, but she always returned to him.

She hid a gun in a closet where Joe would often hide and showed Joe, telling him that one day she would kill his father. But Joe did the job! He shot his father as a means of shielding his mother from his abuse and therefore ended up murdering him.

Young Joe

She assured him he was a nice son and would never harm anyone, and that he was simply doing this to keep her safe.

Soon after, she handed him over to social services and told him that staying with her was not the best option for him. He was then placed in a group home. Afterward, Mr. Mooney, a veteran Soviet prison officer, and bookshop owner took him under his wing. Like his father, Mr. Mooney also used different abusive methods to shape and mold Joe into the character that he desired. Until Joe could demonstrate he’d learned his lesson, Mr. Monney always locked him up in a glass cage in the bookshop basement.

I like to believe Joe could have been a better man if he had grown up in a house filled with love and care, but that would mean I’m excusing his crazy behavior.



Peach is your basic, mean queen bee who likes to control everyone around her. Honestly, she annoyed the fuck out of me, but she added a lot of flavor to the show.

Peach was born into a wealthy literary family and has access to an abundance of resources. Peach becomes the queen bee of Beck’s wealthy inner circle after they meet at Brown University. She doesn’t like Joe right away since she believes he’s hiding something.

You would think this chick actually cared about Beck’s safety, but it all na wash.

Beck relies on Peach’s financial assistance because they’ve been friends since college. At first, she criticizes Beck for wanting a relationship with Joe, stating she needs money to sustain herself as a writer so she can spend her leisure time honing her skills. Peach has a low opinion of Joe, the bookshop clerk, because of his failure to fulfill Peach’s needs.

Peach is a cunning, emotionally poisonous person and it’s no surprise Joe could sense her bullshit a mile away.

Out of all of Beck’s friends, Joe believes Peach to be the most dangerous due to her ruthlessness. Peach puts herself in situations where she expects Beck to be there for her or take care of her, and Joe is right-that chick is just as dangerous as Joe. Unlike Joe, Peach doesn’t believe Beck is a good writer. In fact, she believes Beck writes self-absorbed poetry.

As a form of retaliation for Annika releasing a photo of herself before her nose job, Peach anonymously uploads a drunken video of her spouting racial-charged comments. That’s cruel, Peach… really cruel.

Beck has had a long-term crush on Peach. In the end, Beck ignored her affections. Beck cherishes Peach as a friend and is always there for her, but this isn’t enough for Peach. She is willing to go to any lengths to have a relationship with Beck, even if it means coercing her. She and Joe have a lot in common in this respect.

Just like Beck, Joe killed Peach. I mean, we all saw that coming, right?



This is one girl that didn’t deserve to die.

Beck is an aspiring writer who meets Joe, is reluctant to date him, but eventually falls in love with him.

They become fast friends and she fascinates him right away. He begins following her in an effort to get her to fall in love with him. She has a fling with a guy named Benji, and is in love with him, but Benji is just a player who wants to hit and run. That already put Benji in a bad place with Joe. Joe kidnaps and kills him. When Benji suddenly vanishes from Beck’s life, she becomes distraught, not realizing that Joe had killed him.

You-Tv Series Recap

Within a short period of time, Joe becomes her boyfriend, and their romance is rocky. Beck writes and publishes a memoir on her friendship with and experience with Peach Salinger after the death of her friend Peach through apparent suicide. Beck’s writing career officially begins with this publication. She also seeks help from Dr. Nicky for her grieving issues. In response to Joe’s possessive and envious behavior, Beck distances herself from him, telling him their relationship was nothing if he didn’t trust her. Beck chooses to end their relationship and devotes her time and energy to improving herself and her writing.

She regrets it, especially after she discovered Joe had moved on, and decides to get back with Joe, causing his relationship with his new girlfriend, Karen, to end.

Only if she knew getting back with him would end her life.

The couple’s life appears to be perfect until Karen confronts Joe about their infidelity and lies. She thanked him for exposing her to the truth. Beck is intrigued when Karen claims she’s happy they broke up and won’t end up like his ex-girlfriend, Candace. When she wakes up to hear Joe shout Candace’s name, her suspicions intensify. Increasingly worried about Candace’s absence, she confronts Joe with her concerns as she begins to investigate what happened to her. In order to reassure her that she is still alive, he provides her with proof that she is still alive.

They continue their relationship until Beck stumbles on a box of Joe’s collections; Benji’s teeth, his phone, and some other things. Sadly, Joe catches her and the rest is history.

Here’s the You-Tv Series Recap Season 2

Joe and Love

In the second, Joe moves to Los Angeles, where he meets Love Quinn, who becomes his obsession. Unfortunately for Joe, Love isn’t what he thought she’d be.

Joe has finally met his match in Season 2. An unexpected twist reveals that Love killed Joe’s neighbor, Delilah when she learned of Joe’s background as a serial killer. As soon as Joe imprisons Delilah, he vows to free her. He wanted to show himself that he had changed as a person.


Joe knows that killing Delilah is the wrong thing to do, and he also knows that Ellie will be left alone if he does. When it comes to protecting children, Joe has a lot of compassion for them, as he proved in Season 1 with Paco. This is likely owing to the darkness in Joe’s own upbringing.

On finding out Love killed Delilah, he wanted to kill Love but she confessed she was pregnant.


In Season 3, I’m expecting more killings by these two and a lot of drama. I hope this You-series recap helped to refresh your memory!

Here’s a peak of season 3

You-Tv Series Recap

I’m coming back with more juicy You-series recap same time, tomorrow.

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Esosa is the Chief Editor and Movie Reviewer for Film-ish. She's a living library of literary and cinematic knowledge! She spends her free time googling the funniest stuff on the internet when she isn't penning paranormal stories or watching movies. She dabbles in everything quirky, enjoys reading and video games, and is frequently found commenting on Marvel Universe Facebook groups!

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